Save files to Google Drive automatically from Gmail

I have been using Gmail since it’s inception when it was still an invite only email service and haven’t looked back. It’s flexibility and speed have made it my personal email account of choice and with Google steadily adding more services to Gmail and their other online collaboration tools it’s always getting better. So I was intrigued when I found out that Google were giving you a way to extend their Google Apps services further with Google App Script. Although it’s primarily aimed towards businesses that are leveraging Google Apps, you can use App Script to automate your own workflows to make your digital life that little bit easier.

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Backup iMessage Photo’s using a Python Script

I wrote this quick python script to backup my iMessage photo’s that I received, as I currently have to manually save individual photo’s to my camera roll or somewhere else on my MAC. Which tbh is pretty annoying, as I just want everything backed up into my photo’s directory.

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OSX deleting those pesky DS_Store files

If you have a MAC and you have ever transferred anything to USB, then opened the USB Drive on a Linux/Windows machine, you would have noticed the creation of .DS_Store files along with whatever the contents you placed onto the USB. Continue reading “OSX deleting those pesky DS_Store files”