DFW2Excel now with Hyperlink Support

So it’s been close to a year since I took this tool out of the murky depths of my ~/code folder and put it on GitHub and during the last twelve months, I have made some minor improvements here and there. But since I’ve been using it, I found although it documents the contents of the DFW configuration well enough, wouldn’t it be great if I could click on a Security Group or IPSET and go straight to the worksheet that contained its configuration.

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Human Logic, Robot Automation

Automation is one of several tech buzz words of late, and it’s one that has caught on amongst most infrastructure/networking folk. The tech behind the buzzword is Ansible, AWS CloudFormation, vRealize, etc. which provide the capability to automate your infrastructure and start treating infrastructure as code or just to improve workflow between teams and take the human equation (error prone) out of the process entirely. So when a friend of mine coined the phrase Human Logic, Robot Automation, I thought it was a succinct definition of how automation has become so prevalent in many enterprises today and why repeatable workflows are so important. Most organisations have always had some level of automation, but it now seems to be encroaching on I.T silos that never had any real need for it before, such as networking. The industry has been talking about network automation for many years, but it’s now out of the realms of labs/POCs and is being used by organisations to deploy real networking constructs on demand.

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