Cisco Wireless: Locating an Access Point via it’s LED

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There may be a time, when you are required to locate an access point physically at a site. However the access point is out of reach and has not been labelled. So what can you do?

Well the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller allows you to make the LED flash on the AP, so you can locate it. To do this, you must SSH into the controller that has the AP registered to it.

Once you have logged into the controller, run the following two commands:

1config paging disable
2show ap summary

The first command will set the paging length to unlimited and the second will show all access points registered to the controller:

Knowing which AP, is obviously the difficult part. As we are using this command to locate the AP, we first need to make an educated guess at a set of APs it could be and run the following commands against them. Unfortunately there isn’t a more scientific approach than trial and error.

Once you know which AP, you want to make the LED flash on, enter the following commands:

1debug ap enable AP_NAME
2debug ap command "led flash SECS" AP_NAME

The words (commands) in capitals, are variables that you must define. Once you have finished testing, please remember to disable the debugging on the AP by executing the following commands:

1debug ap command "led flash disable" AP_NAME
2debug ap disable AP_NAME