Sublime Text Snippets for Cisco WLC ACLs

Part of a consultants/engineers job unfortunately is to configure things which can be quite repetitive in nature, every time I find something that needs to be done twice I will create a script in whatever language best fits the purpose. It’s also a great way to ensure that you don’t make silly mistakes, other than trying to make your workflow better. Continue reading “Sublime Text Snippets for Cisco WLC ACLs”

ISE: Posture-Profiler High Level Flow of Events

The following diagram is a High-Level Flow overview of how ISE makes decisions for authentication requests, particularly important for Posture and Profiler Decisions. Continue reading “ISE: Posture-Profiler High Level Flow of Events”

Backing up a Cisco ISE Environment – Standalone or Distributed

A quick post on the correct way of doing backups on ISE. There are a few instances I have seen, where ISE is not being backed up using the supported (correct) method as dictated by Cisco. This is especially true in vSphere environments, where VCB backups of the ISE nodes are used as the sole backup. Continue reading “Backing up a Cisco ISE Environment – Standalone or Distributed”

ISE 1.3/1.4 BYOD Provisioning Flow

Quick post; I wanted to upload a diagram showing a basic BYOD device flow through ISE for an Apple IOS device. The diagrams purpose is to show what happens at what stage and to give an implementation engineer an understanding of where to go in ISE to configure BYOD. There is plenty of great documentation from Cisco that covers this but I haven’t seen a diagram that documents the flow…. Hope this helps Continue reading “ISE 1.3/1.4 BYOD Provisioning Flow”

Upgrading to Cisco ISE 1.4

ISE 1.4 was released on the 6th May 2015, this release in my opinion is a minor release. Unlike ISE 1.3 which introduced some big features, namely the Internal Certificate Authority, this release unfortunately doesn’t go as far.

Continue reading “Upgrading to Cisco ISE 1.4”

Why use Cisco ISE Policy Sets in your deployments?

Cisco ISE has a feature called Policy Sets, the purpose of policy sets is to give you the ability to logically group authentication and authorization policies within the same logical entity. So for example you could have separate authentication and authorization policies for wired/wireless/vpn or another use case for your business. By default Policy Sets is not enabled on a vanilla Cisco ISE deployment and the Policy Set is defined as defaultĀ on a vanilla installation (more on this later).

Continue reading “Why use Cisco ISE Policy Sets in your deployments?”

ISE 1.3: Endpoints/NAD —> ISE Communication

Quick diagram of ports and protocols used for communication between endpoints/network devices to ISE servers (Monitoring/Policy Service Node). I wanted to put this up as this is a discussion I have with customers when talking about which ports are used and for what. Hope it helps Continue reading “ISE 1.3: Endpoints/NAD —> ISE Communication”

ISE 1.3: Chain 802.1x with Centralised Web Authentication (CWA)

In Identity Services Engine version 1.3, Cisco has introduced the ability to chain 802.1x authentication with Central Web Authentication (CWA) and make an authorisation decision based on the two identities. The first identity used is the device identity (Certificate) and the second, the credentials used for the CWA. Continue reading “ISE 1.3: Chain 802.1x with Centralised Web Authentication (CWA)”