PowerNSX One Liners

So instead of using the old point-click method of navigating NSX to find an IP address, firewall rule or service definition, I often find myself using PowerNSX to find that same information.

Using PowerNSX comes with the added bonus of extreme speed i.e. not using the pointy-clicky method!
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Documenting the NSX-v DFW with PowerNSX

Documenting firewall configuration is challenging at the best of times, in most enterprise networks there are tens of thousands of lines of ACLs that have been added organically over time to any number of firewalls. Documentation of said policy is normally the actual configuration that you see on the console in front of you, which is great but depending on the vendor it may be difficult to extract that data into a more usable format. Continue reading “Documenting the NSX-v DFW with PowerNSX”

Hyper-V 2.0: Get all VM’s in Cluster

Quick script to find all VM’s running in a Hyper-V cluster (Windows 2012). You will need to run this command on a Hyper-V host in powershell.

$clusterNodes = Get-ClusterNode;
ForEach($item in $clusterNodes)
{Get-VM -ComputerName $item.Name; }