Sublime Text Snippets for Cisco WLC ACLs

Part of a consultants/engineers job unfortunately is to configure things which can be quite repetitive in nature, every time I find something that needs to be done twice I will create a script in whatever language best fits the purpose. It’s also a great way to ensure that you don’t make silly mistakes, other than trying to make your workflow better. Continue reading “Sublime Text Snippets for Cisco WLC ACLs”

Cisco WLC and AP upgrade process

Recently I was required to upgrade a Cisco WLC from an older version of code to the latest ED code base, so that the client could leverage the newer feature sets offered. However the challenge was that the client had close to 100 APs all registered to one WLC 5508 controller over multiple sites and the maintenance window for the outage could be no longer 1 hour. Continue reading “Cisco WLC and AP upgrade process”